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On our site, you will find everything you need to know regarding garage remodeling, garage conversions, and building an ADU. Garage Conversion CBI provides the best garage-related services at an affordable and competitive price that won't break the bank. We encourage you to browse our galleries where you will find useful information and dozens of garage conversion projects. Our testimonials speak for themselves, and we stand behind our garage conversion company, materials, and workmanship. We provide only the most exceptional work and that's what keeps our clients coming back. We look forward to serving you in all of your garage conversion and ADU needs in LA and Orange counties!


Our Services

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

ADU, also known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, is an existing or new structure on your property converted into a living space that you can legally rent out.



Remodeling Services

Whether your garage is attached or detached, our garage conversion specialist will be able to completely remodel your garage into a suitable living space.



Get Plans for Your Home's Remodel

Garage Conversion CBI staffs in-house designers to ensure that every project we work on is accurate, cost-effective, and meets the demands of the client.

How It Works


Free Consultations

Our team at Garage Conversion CBI offers free consultations and inspections in regards to your new ADU or garage conversion with no obligation.


Quick Turn-Around Time

Garage Conversion CBI has over 95 years combined experience building garage conversions and ADU's within Los Angeles and Orange Counties and know how to do it right the first time around.


Easy Permit Process

Our team of contractors, engineers, and inspectors is trusted for its combined experience of over 95 years in the industry working with LA and Orange Counties, where we pull permits for a variety of jobs.

Check Out Our ADU and Remodeling Tips!

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Here at Garage Conversion CBI, we specialize in garage conversions, remodeling, and building alternative dwelling units, or ADU. Our services are affordable and competitive so that your project won't break that bank.

In today's blog post, we're diving into ADUs, and what makes our...

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Many business owners begin their journey not knowing where the road ahead will lead. Expanding for the future is likely not a top priority since you are probably focused on executing your current plans while keeping afloat in this ever-changing economy. If you chose to purchase a commercial building, it might not be what you truly wanted, but it was what you could afford. If your business did end up becoming successful, you might find...

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Unsure about whether or not your home needs that conversion or addition you’ve been thinking about? At Garage Conversion CBI, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life, so today we’re discussing the ways that a service with us can increase the value of your home or property!


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