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What’s an ADU?

At Garage Conversion CBI in LA and Orange County, you’ll see us use the word “ADU” frequently across our site and many other modes of communication. This is a common term in our line of work, but we realize that not everyone is familiar with ADUs, what they are, and their overall concept. In today’s blog at Garage Conversion CBI, we talk a little bit about ADUs, what they are, their function, and more. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to contact our team for all your garage conversion and ADU needs!

So What Are ADUs?

ADU is short for an Accessory Dwelling Unit. That clears it on up, doesn’t it? Furthermore, an ADU is essentially a secondary unit added onto a single-family home. ADUs are typically a structure that is smaller than an average home that is either attached to an existing home or adjacent to it. They are more or less just another space/structure on a residential property that are larger than sheds but smaller than a home. ADUs are also often referred to as granny flats, in-law suites, backyard cottages, and more.

Different Types of ADUs

To better understand what exactly ADUs are, it can be helpful to know the different types. Some different types of common ADU structures include but are not limited to:

Detached or New Construction

This is a building entirely independent of the primary home on the property. They are either entirely new structures built with the intention of being an additional living space or other usable space or an existing structure that is converted into a living space.

Garage Conversions

This type of ADU is very much how it sounds. Either an existing attached or detached garage on the property is converted into a small dwelling with one or two rooms and other amenities.

Above-Garage Units

This is another fairly straight-forward ADU. Above-garage ADUs are, well, built above the garage. The Fonz in Happy Days lived in an above-garage ADU.


Bump-out ADU structures are attached to one of the sides of the primary home on the property. They can connect to the interior of the home or be completely independent of the primary residence.


Basement ADUs are actually more common than you might think in today’s day and age. They are in essence small, self-sufficient living spaces built underneath an existing home. The existing basement is turned into a living quarters with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.


An internal ADU is the conversion of an existing room within the home that is not the basement. This is similar to remodeling a space inside your home.

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The Function of ADUs

The function of your ADU is entirely up to you! The most common use of an ADU is to convert it into its own self-sufficient living space with a bedroom or two, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living area, and more. However, you can make your ADU anything you want. We’ve built game rooms, office spaces, home theaters, entertainment hubs, rental properties, music studios, and much more! An ADU is only limited by your imagination.

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Thanks for reading today’s blog at Garage Conversions CBI in LA and Orange County. We hope that it has helped give you a better understanding of what ADUs are and their purpose. And remember: if you are considering adding an ADU to your property of a garage conversion, contact us at Garage Conversion CBI to get started with your free estimate.