Why Convert a Garage in Orange County or LA?

As housing prices continue to rise and no additional living options seem to appear, it may seem like a wise time to convert a garage into an apartment. What’s to lose, right?

Here at Garage Conversion CBI, we’re here to say there’s not much at all to lose! In fact, you have everything to gain with a garage conversion in Orange County or LA. As ADUs increase in popularity throughout the area, we’ve been here helping homeowners with home remodeling by adding an ADU or converting an existing garage into the space they want it to be. Perhaps that’s a bedroom, apartment, living room, game room, or another space that meets the needs of your family. Whatever it is, Garage Conversion CBI is here to make it happen. Keep reading to learn why to convert a garage and then contact us to turn it into a reality! We can get you started with a free quote from our garage builders on your upcoming project.

More Space

The average apartment size in Orange County is a whopping … 923 square feet. Not much, right? We’re willing to bet that your home in OC or LA is a hair larger than that — but that doesn’t mean you don’t still want additional space. After all, you may have a growing family, friends or loved ones moving in with you, or simply want more space for hanging out, hobbies, and more. A garage conversion allows you this. Instead of parking your car in the garage, convert it (park your car on the street or under a carport) and get garage plans that work for. These can range anywhere from turning a garage into a bedroom to turning it into an ADU that generates additional income for you.

Potential Increase in Income

What was that about additional income? Remember how the average apartment size is only 923 sq. ft.? Well, the average cost of rent in Orange County is a whopping $2,107. By completing a garage conversion on your property, you could turn it into an apartment that could practically be passive income for you. Sure, you’ll be a landlord — but of a person you choose and on your same property so the work invested will be minimal. And bonus: property taxes don’t increase when you add an ADU to your property.

Increase in Property Value

While property taxes won’t increase, your property value certainly will. By building a garage apartment, detached garage, or other garage remodel on your Orange County or LA property, you can watch the resale value skyrocket, as this is something many potential buyers will consider to be a huge asset. This is especially true in places like OC and LA, as both are popular for renting and are low on housing options.

Get Started on Your Garage Conversion Today

Your garage conversion doesn’t have to wait! The benefits are immense, and Garage Conversion CBI can get you started today with a free quote. Learn more about garage conversion costs and our services — your garage conversion will be here in no time!