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At Garage Conversion CBI in LA and Orange County, you’ll see us use the word “ADU” frequently across our site and many other modes of communication. This is a common term in our line of work, but we realize that not everyone is familiar with ADUs, what they are, and their overall concept. In today’s blog at Garage Conversion CBI, we talk a little bit about ADUs, what they are, their function, and more. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to contact our team for all your garage conversion and ADU needs!

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At Garage Conversion CBI, we have helped residents all throughout LA and Orange County convert their unused spaces into practically anything you can think of! We’ve helped convert spaces to everything from office spaces to guest houses and more. In today’s blog, we talk about five different ways you can convert your garage to make it a more fun, practical, and usable space for your needs. Keep reading to learn more, or if you already know how you want your garage conversion to turn out, give us a call at Garage Conversion CBI to turn your vision into a reality.

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If you live in LA or Orange County, there are some major benefits homeowners are seeing when they add an ADU to their property. They get to stay in the home they love while also adding a space that meets their evolving needs. In today’s blog at Garage Conversion CBI in LA and Orange County, we share some of the most notable benefits our clients have seen from adding an ADU onto their property. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today to get started with your free estimate.


As housing prices continue to rise and no additional living options seem to appear, it may seem like a wise time to convert a garage into an apartment. What’s to lose, right?

Here at Garage Conversion CBI, we’re here to say there’s not much at all to lose! In fact, you have everything to gain with a garage conversion in Orange County or LA. As ADUs increase in popularity throughout the area, we’ve been here helping homeowners with home remodeling by adding an ADU or converting an existing garage into the space they want it to be. Perhaps that’s a bedroom, apartment, living room, game room, or another space that meets the needs of your family. Whatever it is, Garage Conversion CBI is here to make it happen. Keep reading to learn why to convert a garage and then contact us to turn it into a reality! We can get you started with...


As ADUs increase in popularity throughout California and the rest of the U.S., you may find yourself wondering why. The answer is clear! The advantages of ADUs are immense, and recent permit changes have made ADUs easier to attain than ever before. This means you can build an accessory dwelling unit, use it for your family or renters, and watch the benefits roll in.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss six different types of ADUs you may consider for your Orange County or LA home. Here at Garage Conversion CBI, we’re your go-to source for ADUs, home remodeling by adding an ADU or garage conversion, mother-in-law suites, and more. We handle everything from design to permits, zoning, and construction. Keep reading for garage conversion ideas and inspiration, and...


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