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More and more people in Orange County are turning to Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs to get the most out of their property. An ADU is a customizable structure that you can use for whatever you’d like! Does your family need a space where grandma can be independent but still have help close by? Or maybe you want to add a great structure custom-built for entertaining. Whatever you can dream up, our team at Garage Conversion CBI in Orange County can make it happen. Contact us today to get started with your ADU project!

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What Are Some of the Benefits Orange County Homeowners Enjoy From ADUs at Garage Conversion CBI?

  • More space for friends or a growing family
  • Supplemental income from renting out the ADU
  • A completely custom structure that meets your home’s specific needs
  • Drastically improved property value
  • Energy-efficient operations with a minimal carbon footprint

How can an ADU improve your home?

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What Can You Use an ADU Space For?

While you can use an ADU for practically anything you can imagine, there are common uses that we see at Garage Conversion CBI in Orange County. Common uses for ADUs that we encounter include:

Independent Living Spaces for Aging Family Members - ADUs make for a great alternative to having family members live in a nursing home. ADU provides your aging family member their freedom and independence while also safely keeping them closeby should they need assistance.

Expansive Home Gyms - Making your existing space in your home into a home gym may work just fine, but what if you could custom build a gym on your property to your exact liking. With an ADU, you can turn that dream into a reality.

Robust Home Theaters - Have you always dreamed of an amazing home theater but never really had space in your home for one? Build an ADU on your property with a big projector, comfy theater seating, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a popcorn machine!

Entertainment and Hosting Space - Take your party hosting game to a whole new level with a custom-built entertainment space. You can have an ADU built on your Orange County property that perfectly compliments how you like to entertain guests. Make a space with a countertop for hors d'oeuvres, a full bar, and a pool table —- the possibilities are endless.

Rental Property - Looking for notable extra income? Build an ADU on your property and rent it out for more than $1,500 monthly. Rent in Orange County is not cheap, to say the least. Why not use this to your benefit and rent out an ADU on your property for a nice supplemental income?


Types of ADUs

as LA and Orange County. An aspect that’s aiding in their rising popularity is their versatility. There are several different main types of ADUs:

Detached, new construction - Building a brand-new, completely detached, 1- to 2-bedroom apartment on your property

Garage conversions - Converting your garage into an apartment

Above a garage or workshop - Converting the space above your garage into an apartment

Addition or “bump-out” ADUs - Building an extension onto your home to create an ADU

Basement conversions - Converting your basement into a finished space for living

Internal - Converting a part of the house beside the basement into an ADU


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